Build Your Business Bootcamp. Team Up To Scale Up and Outsource Your Way To A Charmed Life

Monday 15 Oct – Sunday 21 Oct, 2018. Hoi An, Vietnam.

About Charmaine:

Charmaine Thring loves to outsource tasks online to free up her time to travel. It all started when a task an agency was in charge of went over budget, and the employees did not communicate or complete the project plus asked for more money, so she took over for her friend’s business. The solution she found was online, Odesk now Upwork. Having worked in corporate marketing for one of Australia’s largest cinema chains, the solution to being able to work online, travel and earn money from marketing then presented itself.

The Charm Marketing agency was born 9 years ago and it was clear that clients and freelancers speak a different language, so her new mission is to teach clients and freelancers how to best work together. What better way to make money and work your own hours by having others do the work for you while you enjoy life.

Charm Outsourcing is the lifestyle, education & travel part of the business so now you can live this life too. Mixing her love of Vietnam, where she lives half the year in Ho Chi Minh City, she now runs an annual Outsourcing Mastermind Retreat in the beautiful, ancient city of Hoi An.

What better way to learn to outsource, have her mentor you as the freelancers work while you soak up all the knowledge and enjoy the local delights. This year we are also welcome special guest speakers and workshop leaders. 

Our first announcement is Samantha Justine who started working as a Virtual Assistant and has not only progressed to specialise she continues to run the largest VA Facebook group.

Samantha will be providing her insight into hiring, systemising and how to work with VA’s and freelancers from the Philippines along with a hands on workshop on Sales Funnels.

Charmaine Thring

Digital Marketing Specialist and Expert Outsourcing Consultant

Guest Speaker

Online Business Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist


The Top 3 Must See Sites in Hoi An

My Son Temple Ruins

My Son is a unique Hindu sanctuary located near Hoi An. The ruin was the capital of the Champa Kingdom from the 4th to 13th century AD. My Son is Vietnam’s sacred place that is equivalent to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

The site has 5 sections which spans over 142 hectares. All of the buildings are made up of quality fired brick with stone columns and have sandstone figures showing scenes from Hindu mythology.

The central tower, kalan, represents the holy mountain, meru, the center of the universe. The square/rectangular base, bhurloka, is a depiction of the human world, made by brick or stone and decorated. The main tower, bhuvakola, stands above this and is constructed by brick with applied columns and an eastern false door.

In 1999, My Son was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Marble Mountain

Called “Nui Ngu Hanh Son” in Vietnamese which means “Mountains of the Five Elements”. The Marble Mountains are named –Nui Kim Son (metal), Nui Hoa Son (fire), Nui Tho Son (earth), Nui Moc Son (wood) and Nui Thuy Son (water).

We will climb up about 150 stone steps from the foot of Nui Thuy Son, to reach the most beautiful observatory spot: the Riverview Tower or Vong Giang Tower in Vietnamese. All others four little sisters mountains also offer more natural caves, grottos, tunnel and temples but are not open to the public. Below the mountain, a complicated system of caves and tunnels interlaced with shrines, pagodas and gigantic statues make this an exceptional experience as it depicts “hell.” It makes you want to repent your sins.

Legend has it that during Vietnam War, 17 Buddhist nuns shot down two American planes from the mountains. You will have to visit and find out all about the history from our amazing tour guide, Man.

Hoi An Ancient City

You will love wandering the streets of this famous UNESCO World Heritage site and soak up under the charm of the Old Town in Hoi An.

Hoi An used to be a busy spice trading centre. Today you will enjoy the private tour of the historic quarter and the enchanting streets lined with old Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese houses.

We will enjoy strolling along the river bathed in the warm glow of coloured lanterns.


Located on the edge of the mystical Hoi An Ancient Town, your luxury hotel captures the uniqueness of Hoi An’s heritage and culture to create an enchanting and serene charm. I have booked the entire hotel for the week exclusively for us. 

This will be your elegant home for 7 nights and 6 days for this years Charm Outsourcing, Build Your Business Bootcamp.

Relax in your private room with exquisite décor and state of the art facilities. You can choose to share a twin room or book one all to yourself.

The deluxe pool room with balcony is the most popular so be sure to book quickly.

At these fantastic prices why share when you can enjoy a room all to yourself. 


Day 1 – Monday Mastermind

Full day Mastermind where we go deep into briefing freelancers for your work and making sure the you are working with the right freelancers.

Pool side break out session.

Time for swimming and enjoying a drink at the pool bar for Happy Hour.

Dinner at one of the best restaurants in Hoi An, they do the best Pork Belly you will ever taste!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all included.

Day 2 – Tuesday Mastermind & Night Time City Tour

Mastermind full day session working on your project and Charmaine will introduce specific modules on outsourcing a WordPress Website step by step plus you will rotate with the freelancers that are doing your website or landing pages, writing copy and filming.

Check in with your freelancers to clarify any questions about your task and check progress before we take a break. Make sure you are available on your phone on Skype if they have any questions.

Afternoon relax time

Private Tour from 4.45pm – 7.00pm Hoi An Ancient Town Walking Tour with the amazing guide Man Nguyen and learn about the ancient history

Dine in a gorgeous garden setting Vietnamese restaurant, the family is so lovely and the mum does all the cooking, you would think she is a 5 star chef.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included

Day 3 – Wednesday Mastermind Outdoor Garden Party

Mastermind secrets from a very special co-working space in Hoi An. Revise work with your freelancers so it can be completed for you by the end of the week. Hoi An Hub has the fastest internet in Vietnam so this is a great opportunity for you to upload any videos from your trip to your social media profiles.

Afternoon swim or wander into town – free time.

Free evening for you to re-cap on the week so far, explore the city, shop or relax at the pool bar.  Guides will be on hand to look after you or take you into town to bargain and translate. You can have clothes tailor made along with bags and shoes.

Image from the Hoi An Hub Co Working Space – fastest internet & fantastic food

Day 4 – Thursday  Explore Hoi An’s Must See Sites, Private Tour with Man Nguyen (all inclusive)

Tour Day – you are all set up remotely if your freelancers need you so we are off for a full day of fun! That means you have you phone on so they can contact you via Skype with any questions of the work they are doing for you.

Marble Mountain.

Delicious local lunch.

Bike ride through the paddy fields and visit traditional villages.

Rest back at the hotel and prepare to dine at the Number 1 restaurant in Hoi An! You cannot visit Hoi An without dining at Morning Glory.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 5 – Friday Congratulations! Your tasks are complete & freelancers present your work. Then time for a spa.

Bringing it all together, morning mastermind, review and sign off on work. Congratulate yourself and your freelancers.

Re cap on what you have implemented during the week so you can continue the practices when you get home.

Afternoon and evening free time to swim, visit the amazing An Bang beach or pick up your tailored clothes.

Breakfast and Lunch included.  (Dinner at your own expense)

Day 6 – Saturday The very best we saved to last and after a transformational week we finish with a poolside party, BBQ & live entertainment.

Celebration Day – The best of Hoi An Tours!

Basket boat racing with great prizes for the winner and anyone that ends up in the water!

Ride a water buffalo and we can even film a video for you!

Organic, fresh, local lunch at the famous Water Wheel restaurant

My Son Ancient ruins to learn about important history with relevant lessons for today and enjoy the beautiful sunset

Short rest at the hotel then put on your party clothes!

Poolside BBQ Party with live entertainment in the Hadana Bar, booked privately for us.

Enjoy the best BBQ and buffet Hoi An has to offer served by skilled hotel chefs.

Dance the night away and light a lantern for good luck and send it floating off on the pool.

Bonus 1

  1. A month of social media management for your business FB page or Instagram account. (your choice)
  2. Sales funnel mapping blue print specific to your business.
  3. 4 blog posts for your website.
  4. 5 emails written for your business.
  5. Social media graphics package.
  6. Plus we professionally film you in a 30 second video for your business and edit it.
  7. PLUS 1 month’s website maintenance and security package for peace of mind when you get home

(This alone is Valued at $2500 +)

You leave Vietnam with completed work for your business as my team do the work while you enjoy Hoi An.

Bonus 2

  • ·         Ultimate Outsourcing System FREE! Valued at $497 USD (instant access when you pay your deposit for the Mastermind so you can start learning now). This is excellent for clients, business owners, entrepreneurs, 9 – 5’s wanting to start their business and quit their job, freelancers new and experienced, agencies and people starting agencies. All the templates and systems you need are in The Ultimate Outsourcing System.
  • ·        TWO personal 1 on 1 sessions via Skype or Zoom sessions with Charmaine to further develop your outsourcing and marketing skills to grow your own team.
  • ·         PLUS a 1 on 1 session with Samantha to ensure your online business is on track and to be hands on with your Sales Funnel set up.
  • ·        PLUS FB support after the event to ensure you complete projects started during the event.



Banh bao vac (White Rose Dumpling)

The most popular dish in Hoi An. The translucent steamed shrimp dumplings which are shaped like a rose and topped with crispy shallots. There are two types:

Banh vac consists of ground shrimp, garlic, lemon grass, spices and spring onion.

Banh bao consists of minced pork and mushrooms as the main filling.

The English speaker knows this dish by the pretty and poetical name “White Rose”. It is usually served with shrimp broth sauce, hot chili, lemon and sugar. The water must be drowned from the ancient Ba Le well, which then is filtered and purified 20 times before using.

Cao Lau (Rice noodle with Barbecued Pork, Greens and Croutons)

Hoi An’s exquisite noodle dish. Udon-like noodle topped with grilled pork slices, herbs, chili and eat with crispy croutons.

The noodle must be made with the water from well hidden ancient Cham wells, while fresh greens are planted and grown at the Tra Que Vegetable Village. Moreover, when soaking noodles the essential ashes have to be taken from Cham Island.

Cao Lau rice noodle is believed to have been invented in Hoi An. It’s an al dente noodle similar to the thick and raw Japan udon and topped with pork either char siu or Chinese barbecued pork.

Cao Lau (Rice noodle with Barbecued Pork, Greens and Croutons)

A must-try dish when coming to Vietnam. Many foreigners go crazy for it.

Using wide yellow rice noodles, slides pork, sauteed prawn, fresh herbs and peanut with extremely little broth. The thick bone broth is seasoned with fish sauce, shallot and garlic. Back in the day, only pork is used. But now many restaurant also transform the meal by using squid, boiled quail eggs, snails and frogs. Serve with crispy rice crackers.

What’s Included

  • Luxury boutique accommodation single or double occupancy six days and seven nights.
  • Delicious breakfast included each day, Asian and Western foods options available
  • Welcome Drinks by the Pool Bar
  • Four full days of jam packed, productive mastermind outsourcing sessions (all lunches included)
  • Pool side breakout sessions so you can relax and talk to the mentors and freelancers 1 to 1
  • Bonuses – Worth $5000 see Bonus tab
  • All tours with the local private tour guide to the most famous sights in Hoi An. Transports, local meals and entrance tickets are all included.
  • Three dinners at the famous local restaurants are included (two nights free for you to relax and make your own plans)
  • All lunches are included.
  • Special pool side BBQ party fully catered for, PLUS live entertainment on your last night
  • Transport to and from the hotel from Da Nang airport on October 14th, and back to the airport on October 21th (at the designated times only.)

What’s Not-Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Two dinners, this is so you an enjoy two evenings to unwind, shop, go into town, sleep, have room service, have drinks, enjoy the bars and nightlife or relax with a massage.
  • Alcohol & beverages (other than water)
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry and tips for your room maid etc.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

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