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stressedladyHaving trouble sleeping?

Waking up at 3am stressed because your bookkeeping is a mess and your BAS is overdue?

Your latest invoice from your bookkeeper is enormous and you don’t know how on earth you are going to find the money to pay it?

Need to deliver on an urgent marketing proposal in order to secure your new client and need an expert in Powerpoint to present it professionally?

Not enough revenue and you need to build a team to handle your marketing so you can focus on your core business?

Ready to pull our hair out because your website developer has taken 3 months to finish your site or is not calling you back.


happybusinessmanI’ll help you create outsourcing and marketing systems that work and that I use everyday in my business.

I will personally show you how to hire the right freelancer online, manage the team and write the correct job descriptions and briefs.

This is going to save you a lot of time because you will avoid miscommunication between yourself and your freelancers, leaving you free to focus on sales and work on your business and not in it.

Make more money and save time.

You might even like to do that from a tropical location and still make money as your business is now online.

First Class
Experienced Client Wanting To Build A Team
Committed To Growing Your Business
* Private Skype call each week for 1.5 hours
* We will work on specific tasks to outsource for your business
* I will review work from your freelancers and make amendments where needed
* Teach you how to write a thorough job description and job briefs so you hire and manage the right freelancers (no headaches)
* See a task through from concept to completion
* Marketing ideas and inspiration
* Lots of motivation
* Provide my personal outsourcing templates to streamline the process
* Set up your team communication workflow
* Email support for 20 hours per month
* Please note for this to be effective you need to commit for a minimum of 3 months
*Free Access to the MASTERING OUTSOURCING private Facebook Group so your business can take off!
Business Class
Experienced At Outsourcing One Off Jobs & Time to Outsource Multiple Tasks?
Time to Become a Professional
* 4 hours on on one Skype training, consulting or done for service with a professional. (Can be split into 1 hour sessions.
*Set up on Upwork or another outsourcing platform and need one on one professional assistance to help hire, brief and manage?
*Not getting the results you want? I will look over your briefs and re write in real time.
*Stuck in a dispute with a freelancer and not sure how to handle it to get the job completed or fire and re hire? Let me handle this for you.
* Get your task completed successfully and live for your project.
* Any outsourced tasks handled from virtual assistant, graphic design, video editing, website design & development, logo design, internet research and more.
* 3 templates to use in your business to brief your freelancers, save you time, money and headaches.
*Free Access to the MASTERING OUTSOURCING private Facebook Group so your business can take off!
1 Hour Consultation
First Time Outsourcing & Tired of "Gurus" Wanting to charge you $1000 an hour?
*1 hour private Skype consultation where you can ask as many questions as you like and have them answered.
*Have heard about outsourcing but don't know where to start, let me explain how it works to you.
*Think you need a VA (Virtual Assistant) to run your entire business (you don't), let me show what is best for your business.
*I will work out with you the tasks that you need to outsource, in what order and who to outsource them to.
*You will be ready to write a job description to outsource your first task.

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You will be left with ‘Absolute Clarity’ as to the specific steps you need to take when it comes to outsourcing your business. No wasting time, no being led along so you need to pay for consulting sessions you don’t need.

How about an abundance of step by step, easy-to-apply strategies to solve your outsourcings problems, explode your business and sleep soundly at night.

All members or people that have purchased The Ultimate Outsourcing System will receive 15% off the package prices. Please email us by clicking this link 15% discount and we will arrange this for you.

Your new freelancers and team members are waiting for you! Get Started Today.