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Immerse yourself in the mystical beauty of SE Asia. Invest a week with Charmaine Thring and her team in her exclusive, Outsourcing Retreat.

You’ll do more than learn how to outsource. When you experience Vietnam, you’ll unlock the cultural nuances, massive value and unlimited opportunities most dream about and few ever attain. Ready to expand your business and grow your team? Strictly limited to 10 people to ensure a personalised experience.

 Charm Outsourcing Retreat Vietnam 2017

May 1 – 7, 2017 / Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City additional add on April 28 and 29, 2017

See What Fun Awaits You In Vietnam – Full Itinerary Here


Unique Blueprints Make Outsourcing and Marketing Your Business Fun, Easy and Profitable…

As you read this letter, I’m going to show you specific solutions to two of the biggest and most frustrating challenges you face as a business owner.

But first, see if you feel these next two sentences are true:

“If you are anything like most business owners, you are probably great at what you do.”
“It is outsourcing and marketing what you do that leaves you feeling all frazzled and frustrated.”

For what it’s worth, you are definitely not alone.

Just about every other business owner that I have ever met in my entire life feels exactly the same way.

And no doubt, just like them…

You would probably give just about anything to finally ‘Get The Marketing and Outsourcing Right’
once-and-for-all in your business.

But there’s a problem.

You know this is something you seriously must do.

The thing is that you just don’t know exactly where to begin – let alone who to ask for the right help and advice.

And that is where I come in.

meMy name is Charmaine Thring and as you read this letter I’m going to stop your frustration and end your confusion about marketing and outsourcing your business.

And you’ll be pleased to know I’m going to do so without any insincere ‘hype’ or annoying high-pressure sales techniques.

In fact, I’m going to do something pretty radical.

I’m going to tell you the truth. Starting with the fact that there are…

3 reasons most people totally “FAIL” when it comes to outsourcing their business.

Trusted business experts the world over, are in complete agreement that 3 of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to outsourcing are that:

1. They Have No Proven Roadmaps to Follow. The average person, business owner and entrepreneur haven’t got a clue where to begin. They feel as if they are trying to read a really important book with a blindfold over their eyes.

It doesn’t matter how sincere they are. Nothing seems to work. And nothing will work until the blindfold is removed.

2. They Have No Proven Systems to Use. They are not able to complete a clear brief for the freelancer let alone manage the task and communicate with an outsourced team [where very often their first language is not English].

3. They Are Told a Myriad of Lies, Lies and More Damned Lies! For example: You know all those people telling you that you can: “Get ‘A Class’ Employees or a low level VA (Virtual Assistant) for $3.50 an Hour” who can do literally everything from managing your Inbox, Email Marketing, Video Editing, Graphic Design and counsel you on a bad day while Running your Entire Business.  Well, sorry to ‘burst your bubble’ but they have a ‘vested interest’ and more often than not they are simply lying through their teeth.

We have all heard the ‘Nightmare’ stories about the ‘Virtual Workers from Hell’ and a lot of these can be laid at the feet of those who deliberately make stupid false claims and cruel, empty promises to get you to join their membership sites or outsourcing platforms.

And all of this leaves you constantly exposed to ever-increasing stress and frustration.

You are left trying to do everything on your own, not to mention losing a massive amount of time, money and energy in the process.

But this doesn’t have to happen to you. In fact…

Your ‘Outsourcing Nightmares’ Can Be Solved Once and For Good. I Know They Can! Because I Have Been Successfully Outsourcing for Over Twenty Years Now…

Can I let you in on a secret?

The huge advantage that I have over most people in this business is that I have developed a seriously ‘proven’ template for every single component involved in outsourcing and I am going to share this with you and teach you my systems on the Charm Outsourcing Retreat in Vietnam this May.

5 Life Changing Freedoms You Are Going to Discover
As You Go On This Outsourcing Journey With Me Whilst Living the Dream of Travelling Beautiful Vietnam

1. How to Avoid Energy-Sucking ‘Time Vampires’ and find the right online talent for your specific situation. Because one-size definitely does NOT fit all when it comes to the people you work with.

FACT: The right freelancers can make or break your business. They can make you feel good every time you even think about them or they can drain the life out of you.

I’ll show you how to identify, hire and motivate the specific individuals that should be on your team and [just as important] how to avoid those who shouldn’t.

Trust me, this one thing alone is worth DOUBLE your entire investment in this course.

2. The Top 3 Mistakes business owners make the first time they attempt to outsource. HINT: The major one is not knowing how to ‘prepare and write a brief’ to hire the right contractor for the job.I am going to hand you specific templates that are 100% guaranteed to solve that problem for you.

3. Secrets to Seeing Your Projects Completed on Time and on Budget. One of the biggest things you hear all the time in this industry is people starting really important projects only to see vital deadlines missed and budget expenses go way beyond what was planned and agreed upon.

I have lost count of the number of people who have told me they ‘Just gave up and walked away’ [in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket] because of frustrating and costly delays that could [and should] have been easily avoided.

You will discover your solution in my proven steps for managing each project from beginning to end.

4. Cross Cultural Communicating Secrets for successfully managing an outsourced team all around the world.

NOTE: Don’t assume that just because your outsource workers speak English, that they clearly understand what you are saying. Culture has an absolutely massive role to play in how we communicate and that is why this trip is so important so you get to know the people and their culture which helps you communicate with an outsourced team much better.

And so I’ll give you simple, proven, keys to make sure you and your new team members are all ‘singing from the same hymnbook’

5. Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms! By developing your own ‘Online Lifestyle Business’ you can experience 3 incredible things that a normal job can never hope to give you in a million years…

The first of these is blessed flexibility! All of a sudden you can choose to work your own time and hours and fit life in with your schedule – rather than the other way around.

I’m talking about things like:spa

• Going to the gym
• Looking after your kids
• Taking time off when you feel like it
• Or just sleeping in, as I like to do ☺

Travel! The second one is you can work from anywhere in the world! You can literally choose any country with a reliable Internet connection just like I do and work online.

Just in the last few months I have enjoyed running my business from:

• Vietnam
• Singapore
• Malaysia
• Australia
• Cambodia and let’s not forget Thailand

students   coffeworksaigon1freelancergroup




The third one is the opportunity for financial freedom because of the scalability and leverage an online business can give you.

Here’s What You Are Going to Discover, Implement and Learn During Our Workshops On The Retreat

1. You Will Save Time – bucket loads of it. No need to invest countless hours in trial and error! Because I have already done it for you. I know what works and what doesn’t. Rest assured, I won’t waste even a single minute of your valuable time with fluff, filler or empty theory.

2. You Will Save Money – just one wrong move in this area can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. I’ll show you the opposite. How to save and make money by outsourcing wisely and correctly. Not having to pay full time employees, no holiday pay, sick pay. Enjoy the benefits of a truly scalable workforce, only hire and pay when you need to

3. The Power of Choice – Imagine… Giving up your 9 – 5 routine and enjoy working from anywhere, anytime.

4. You Will Finally See the Complete Picture. So many of the current resources tell you what you can and should outsource, but not how to do it! I show you how to do it and give you all of my templates. Someone, somewhere, has the exact the skills you need are always available to do your work. I’ll show you how to find them and work with them successfully.

5. You Will Tap into the Power of Leverage – to grow your business exponentially! You will experience the true meaning of diversity, hire a website expert, graphic designer, video editor – expand your team!

6. No More Confusion! My course will dramatically improve your communication with freelancers! You will understand them. They will understand you. The difference that makes has to be experienced to be believed.

It is an utterly wonderful feeling!

7. Outstanding Clarity! Now you will be able to confidently brief the job right from the very start

8. You will enjoy travelling and experiencing a different culture, sounds, foods, way of life, your creative mind will come alive and you will network with like minded people.

12 Types of People Who Definitely Don’t Want To Miss This Amazing One In A Lifetime Experience of Travelling and Outsourcing In Charming Vietnam.

1. People starting an online business and need a logo, website and social media graphics

2. Small business owners/online businesses that need a new website, overhaul brand, social media pages and don’t want to pay a fortune to expensive local companies

3. People that would love to outsource overseas (or are outsourcing without success) to save $ but don’t know how and are worried about getting ripped off

4. People working 9 – 5 who are trying to start a business

5. Business owners that want a flexible workforce that don’t finish work at 5pm and take days to return emails

6. Business owners that would like to start their own digital agency and make serious money from outsourcing and travel (work from anywhere, anytime)

7. Anyone currently in business – Outsourcing is a rapidly growing phenomenon you simply cannot afford to ignore.

8. Anyone considering going into business – It’s absolutely vital that you discover exactly where outsourcing “fits” in your specific plan.

9. Anyone who wants to immediately stop wasting time & money learning the hard way – I have already made the mistakes and faced a huge learning curve – so you don’t have to.

10. Anyone interested in wealth creation – You can’t afford to ignore outsourcing either!

11. Anyone responsible for sales and marketing – including CEO, sales and marketing managers. Simply, it is one of the ways of the future, again, not to be ignored.

12. Anyone wanting to start an online business – we can save you the time, money and irritation.



 Workshops and Break Out Sessions

  1. Tailored to your business and what you need to outsource.
  2. Connecting you with the right freelancers
  3. Setting a task for them to complete on the trip that you can use in your marketing and business
  4. Brief and manage your freelancer, using my systems and templates whilst you are enjoying amazing tours or relaxing by the hotel pool
  5. Successfully complete your outsourced task
  6. How to do all of the above remotely and while you are travelling
  7. Everyone will provide a task that they will be outsourcing prior to the retreat so I can match you with a freelancer that will be doing your task that week while you are having fun!

This is not a massive conference where you have to sit in a hotel conference room for 10 hours with 3000 people listening to speaker and speaker and getting a sore bum at the same time.

This is a very private and exclusive “Outsourcing Retreat” which is limited to 10 people (there will be no release of extra places) so everyone has one on one time with myself and we will be implementing during our workshops not note taking for later. This is hands on! Just ask how I trained my freelancers.

My favourite part, as you know I love to save money!!! Vietnam is inexpensive and great value, you will live like a king, you will feel relaxed, financial stress will life from your shoulders, you will experience the freedom of affording whatever you want. You will automatically be 75% better off. Get Your life back yes the once you dreamt about when you first started your business.

Hue, An Ancient Citadel of Vietnam that will delight your senses and is full of history that lies along the Perfume River
HueImperialForbiddenCity 2

Charming, Historical Hoi An is Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful town. The Old Town will have you enthralled. 

lanterns 2

See What Fun Awaits You In Vietnam – Full Itinerary Here


in 4 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes, 17 seconds


Ho Chi Minh City 48 Hour Adventure!
April 27 and April 28
Don't Miss Out On Exploring This Fast Paced, Historical City. Pearl Of The South!
*Pay only $130 USD for our amazing private tour with private guide and transportation and the day spa experience!
*Friday 27 April 12noon - 5pm.
We go back in time and learn to learn about the history of the Cu Chi tunnels.
There is time for you to shoot machine guns (bullets not included)
*Saturday 28 April 10am and we are off on a fantastic tour of the highlights this fantastic city has to offer. Private car and walking. Stop to enjoy a famous Vietnamese coffee!
*Relax and indulge your senses at the day spa where you will steam, sauna and enjoy a 1 hour and 15 minute massage. Your choice of swedish, thai or hot stone.
All this for only $130 USD with an experienced English speaking tour guide and me your host Charmaine Thring!
Sign Me Up!


What’s included – you will like this list a lot!  This is what the cost of your ticket covers.

  1. Welcome drinks on arrival
  2. Breakfast everyday at the hotels
  3. FREE 1 night’s hotel accommodation on the overnight stop in Hue staying at the Charming Riverside Hotel with the most comfortable beds you will ever sleep on in all of Asia!
  4. All work break out sessions and workshops, 7 in total, where you get work outsourced.
  5. 1 on 1 time with Charmaine for 6 days!
  6. All 4  tours everything is included, transport, entrance tickets to all sites, bicycles, boat transport, private bus transport, private tour guide, hotel in Hue, bottles of drinking water, snacks, raincoats if it rains (but not likely in May), traditional Non hat to keep the sun off, coffee and beverages at refreshment stops, lunches and buffalo riding!
  7. An Bang Beach afternoon
  8. Bicycle hire from hotel
  9. Local sim card loaded with data for you so you can stay connected and upload your photos to Facebook and call us if you get lost!
  10. Getting lost with Emily, bound to be late at night and lots of fun.* Once you have booked you will be have access to the private Facebook Group where we can answer all of your questions and provide extra information.

Your Personal Expenses (not covered in the cost of the tickets)

  1. Flights
  2. Hotel accommodation Hoi An Monday 1 May – Sunday 7 May, 6 nights total.  Details will be released next week as we currently negotiating a group discount at a gorgeous 4* hotel on the river and and within walking distance to the Old Town
  3. Travel insurance – we cannot accept anyone on the tour that does not provide proof of travel insurance
  4. Visa – (I will organise the agent for you to go through so you don’t have to queue at the airport, you will be fast tracked through)
  5. Alcohol
  6. Spending money for shopping etc
  7. All dinners and food on non tour days, I will advise what to budget within the closed Facebook group for the event and give you examples of what things cost, you won’t believe how good value it is!

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Ensure you have your travel insurance in place the day you book your ticket in case of any events arising that may permit you not being able to attend the event.
  2. You have until 30 Days prior to the event to request a refund of your ticket minus a 20% administration fee. If you decide before that time that it’s not right for you, just let us know and you’ll be issued a prompt refund minus the administration fee, no questions asked. Any request after the 30 DAY time limit will not be processed. Any unused tickets will be forfeited and are not transferable to another event.

  3. Flights and hotel bookings are your responsibility so you must abide by their cancellation policies.